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today’sdine is a classy contactless QR digital menu platform specially designed for hotels and resorts. It is an absolutely germs-free room dining order system that helps to separate items for Restaurant, Cafe, Poolside and
other areas. Create your own brand style in the menu and insert images, descriptions, calories and allergen symbols with every item. Moreover, every order allows guests to set a delivery time, track an order, request to 'Remove tray'
and so on. Scan the code to see a demo.

Why todaysdine?

App is not necessory

Guest can order food by scanning QR code with his own mobile without installing any app

We respect your brand

Our creative tools help you to design menu layout as your own unique style

Pick Up Tray

It's sufficient to manipulate from Ordering an item till Pick up Tray. Trash your ‘Remove Tray Tent card'

Food Delivery time

Let guests set the delivery time for the food at what time they need it in the room. Stop printing breakfast doorknob.

Allergen Symbols

Add allergen symbols with description to provide guests feel free on your delicious dish that won’t bring out food allergies

Create & Cancel QR Codes

Create a specific QR code for each guest and cancel it once they vacate to prevent fraudulent activity.

More reasons to use a contactless digital menu

Discover how this impressive system can be beneficial for both hotels and guests.

Safer to use

Germ-free, greener, quicker and safer than the traditional menu.

COVID Compliant

COVID compliance without single use paper menus or disinfectant.

easy to update
Easy to update

Use the menu builder to instantly change your menu. No re-prints!

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