1. What is today’sdine?

todaysdine is a room dining orders management system specially made for Hotels & Resorts which lets F&B to create menus and connect Rooms & Kitchen. This contactless system allows to separate the menus of Restaurant, Café, Poolside, Bar, and other areas.

2. Which device is required to use this system?

One computer with internet connection and a thermal printer

3. Does this system require any application installation?

This can be used by both guests and hotels without installing any applications.

4. Can we take online payment from guest with order?

No, as part of their stay, guests also want to pay for room, laundry, spa, gym and other services. This helps to arrange room dining bills to add to the guest folio.

5. How guests pay for an item?

A guest can choose one of these two methods ‘Attach with room bill or Cash on delivery’ to make payment.

6. Can a guest place order for breakfast at yester night?

With any order, the guest can select a delivery time that suits him.

7. Who will create codes and receive the orders?

Two other departments _ Front office and Housekeeping _ are able to create and cancel codes, also create a user for receiving room dining orders.

8. What can we do if the guest takes the QR code slip with him when he leaves the hotel and places an order from outside?

With each QR code, you have the option to cancel it to prevent unauthorized usage. There is no limit on the number of codes that you can create and cancel in the plan that you choose.

9. Restaurant and Café menus can be separated?

Yes, create different areas such as Restaurant, Cafe, Poolside, Bar etc. then add products to the specific area menu as you want to serve.

10. Can a menu be shaped according to our brand?

Easily change all texts, icons, and colors as per your brand standard.

11. Once I choose a plan now, can I upgrade to another or cancel?

Yes, you can upgrade to any other plan at any time. Cancellation available upon request by your registered email.

12. How I should pay?

There are four different terms of payment: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and Annual.

13. I'm interested, but can I try it before making payment?

Sure, start with our 14 days of free trial plan and then pay if you want to continue.